Lead Assessor Function:

1- Audit the day- to- day operations of internal audit function to ensure that work processes are implemented as designed and comply with established standards and procedures.

2- Review previous audit memos and reports prepared by team members to ensure that they are prepared professionally and in accordance with internal audit’s policies, procedures, and professional auditing standards.

3- Supervise audits which have significant impact on key functions within the company and ensure it is conducted according to standards.

4- Assist various Company functions in understanding internal financial policies and implementing financial control systems.

5- Assist in the development and implementation of policies, processes, and procedures to ensure all relevant procedural/legislative requirements are fulfilled and improve audit effectiveness and quality.

6- Map the major processes and operations within company through interviewing and document examination activities in order to understand and develop action plan for associated risks and concerns.

7- Identify major risks and control problems in the assigned areas and initiate evaluation/analysis studies to report to the management.
Take appropriate action to management’ observations concerning internal control procedures and other matters reported to management.

8- Respond to requests from management.

9- Provide advice and guidance to internal auditors and other relevant personnel in the assigned function both proactively and in response to requests to inform business decision- making.

10- Perform any action – related activities as requested by the immediate supervisor/manager.

11- Provide final report with full Audit finding and follow up for corrective action to management.


Lead Auditor: Mohamad Al-dawas

Mobile: +966504819430

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